Japan’s View of Life and Death: What will happen to us when we die?

What will happen to us when we die?

“If you die, your flesh just rots and goes away” is not a view of life and death that is unique to Japan. Genesis also has been written, “You are made of the earth. You are dust, and you will return to dust.” Mankind and the flesh are different. Most people don’t understand this fact. The flesh can live without mankind. After a mankind’s death, the flesh can continue to live for a year or more.

The human body operates on its own system.

The behavior of unicellular organisms is not just a program that responds to stimuli. The movement of unicellular organisms has its own personality. It’s an autonomous movement. The number of cells in the average man is about 30 trillion. The number of cells (bacteria) other than human cells is 40 trillion. Both of these systems operate on their own, regardless of human will. The mankind and the flesh are two different things.

The human, DNA and viruses are parasitic existence.

Richard Dawkins, the behavioral biologist who proposed the selfish gene theory, considered the flesh to be a “vehicle for DNA.” DNA is an existence of parasitism, the host is flesh. The same is true for a virus that is almost DNA. The human is also an existence of parasitism in the same way. You can’t live a fulfilling life unless you understand that “the human and the body are different.”

How to set your brain to manipulate your body is an essential sorcery to live better.

Thinking that you are young activates your brain and makes you cognitively more capable than your actual age. People who think they are healthy are less likely to be depressed. Letting the older bees do the work of the young bees rejuvenated them. When you have a cushy job, your happiness drops and you age easily. The sorcery of manipulating the flesh is necessary.

Is longevity a good strategy for people or is it just a dependency?

Is living longer a good strategy? For some reason, humans want to be immortal. In Japan’s oldest story, the Tale of Taketori, the emperor denies this, but the Shi Huang of Qin wished for immortality. However, it’s snobbish thinking. Many organisms have chosen to live a short life. They may know the reality of reincarnation. It is decided that it is better to reincarnate into a youthful body as soon as possible without clinging to the old age body.

The flesh does not want to evolve, but the soul is always oriented to evolve.

On the other hand, it is also true that “the richer your experience, the more you enjoy life, but Life forms: the flesh demand “prosperity without change.” Unless they are in a crisis situation, they do not want evolution that would result in excessive energy loss.

However, humanity has always been an evolution-minded. Cornelius Tacitus accurately expresses this duality. “The people are always strongly desire for political change, but they are also afraid of it.” The Bible spells it out this way. “The heart burns, but the flesh is weak” (Matthew 26:41).

Most organisms are not obsessed with life and death.

Not only human, but all, or even most, organisms reincarnate. Time is relative; there is no event that should be called “time.” Thus, whether a lifetime is long or short for that life form cannot be understood by anyone other than that life form.

For example, a single-celled algae may undergo a groundbreaking evolution into a multicellular algae. That period of time is only one year, but for algae, it is the equivalent of 750 generations. Even if we estimate one generation of humanity as a short 50 years, that’s about 38,000 years.

Basically, a lot of organisms do not place importance on life or death. When you die, you die, and when you are born, you are born. They abandon their chicks ect when the environment changes and they realize that it is “difficult to raise.” In other words, the organism’s view of life and death does not seem to be “I want to live even if I overdo it.”

I’d like to write about the truth of the reincarnation cycle.

There is no evidence or anything, but it seems to me that “This world and that world” for living things other than mammals is co-located. That is, when the body of this world dies, it goes to that world, and when life is born in this world, it comes from that world. It feels like the line between their life and death worlds is blurring.

When a person’s body loses its vital functions, the spirit leaves and returns to the other world. And many will be reincarnated in this world in just a little over ten years in relative time.

Continuation of the Truth of Reincarnation.

Reincarnation does not take place in the fetus. Thus, it is wrong to say that “abortion is a sin.” Reincarnation often occurs in the human body at about four or five years of age, although there are individual differences. The human body, until be parasitized by the human’s soul, is a literal creature, hence it is cute with no ego awakening.

It’s a strange phenomenon that many people don’t have a memory that goes back to the age of four or five. The reason why no one hasn’t found the answer is because they don’t know that people’s souls are parasitic beings or the reality of reincarnation reincarnation.

For example, if the soul came in when the meat was a five-year-old child, the soul (the entity of the person) cannot retrieve the memories because the memories up to the age of five are stored in the meat, but they do not exist in the soul. Such is the story.

Occasionally, people appear who say “I remember when I was two or three years old,” but almost all of them are “brain fabrication phenomena similar to dreams”. In rare cases, there are events where the phenomenon of possession is suspected, but in principle, it should be normal for before the soul parasites the flesh, i.e., to have no memory of the period of time before the reincarnation.

Neither country nor gender is fixed in reincarnation. A soul that was parasitized by a white man in a previous life will be parasitized by a black man in this life. Or, a soul that parasitized a man in a previous life will parasitize a woman in this life. It’s just an ordinary event. Racism? Gender discrimination? That’s why humanity is still regarded as “nothing but an inferior creature.”

What does the afterlife look like?

Since the human body is a multi-cellular body, it is decomposed at the end of its lifespan and eventually returns to the soil. On the other hand, what happens to the soul, which is a human entity, is, quite simply, two paths.

One of the roads is to “go to hell”. I would like to describe the “conditions to fall into hell” that I took the advice from the Divine Spirits and the Bible out, as I have experienced the reality of the afterlife to some extent.

”If you kill someone, you go to hell” is a mistake. That’s can’t be saved the servicemen and soldiers who fought in defense of their country. Rather than the act of killing a person, the person’s thoughts are the criterion for whether they will go to heaven or hell.

The people who are extremely likely to go to hell are those who meet the following three conditions: (1) hypocrites, (2) slackers, and (3) suicides. Here, I would like to remind you of “those who murdered Jesus,” as the Bible tells us. The biblical writings are full of Intentional artificiality.

The Bible made the lords of the Jewish kingdom and the governor-general of the Roman Empire to speak that “Jesus is innocent.” The perpetrators of the murder of Jesus, the Bible tell us, were Jewish priests, elders and scholars, and an incited rabble.

The sins of the priests are heavy. The reason is that it’s hypocritical. The sins of hypocrites (liars) are heavy, and there are many the priests who have been condemned to hell. The sins of elders and scholars as make money by sticking to authority and power are surprisingly light. However the sins of those who have lived senselessly, indulging in idleness and amusement are heavy. Suicides are sent to hell, almost without question.

To be continued.


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